Scenery & Still Life Paintings

Gatarić`s scenery and still life paintings talk of energy, inspiring places and the hidden beauty of the landscapes in the land of Bosnia. Painter uses rush and rough moves of a brush, releasing artistic impulsiveness deeply from inside. On canvas the painter sees and treats the scenery as natural phenomenon.

Everything depicted on the white surface is about being a part of nature, framed patterns and rhythms of daily life. Gatarić captures these moments in colors and each of these moments represents one different feeling, one different tone, one different rhytm. He celebrates the beauty of the nature and the enjoyment in everyday life. Goran Gatarić usually paints the places where he grew up, the places which usually inspire the artistic mind. Hidden beauties of the Drina river, mysterious pathways in the forests of the Bosnian mountains, and wide green meadows.

Gatarić seeks for peace in those places. The sounds of the river makes his senses more intensive. The sounds of the wind makes him shiver, and the sounds of forest provoke his mind. Nature is sacred. No people, no misunderstanding. Nature is able to listen carefully and understand, unlike human kind. Even the abandoned places in forest, deeply hidden away from the people, sometimes are more inspiring and more likely to create that special feeling in a moment in time. That urges him to paint impulsively, motivated by desire to catch that moment and frame it.

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