Portraits & Characters Paintings

What do you usually see in portrait paintings? A fascinating resemblance with the real character or the way how the artist feels the person? Gatarić links both perspectives into one, creating a mesmerizing depiction of a human being. Finally, he inputs his own impressions about the models who are revealing themselves behind the canvas.

Gatarić does not intend to depict an ideal realistic physical resemblance. He is applying appropriate colors under a matching tone in order to reach a decent amount of identification. He seeks for more. Also, his goal is not to present every wrinkle on the skin, nor every apparel detail. He wants to show the real inner character, deeply hidden away.

As a part of his artistic routine, he usually paints ordinary people that we usually see on the streets, everyday. Nevertheless, he signifies the ones whose life pathway crossed with his own. Moreover, each artwork of Goran Gatarić is a story and the people on the portraits are the ones who had a slight or huge impact on his life. Gatarić is showing those people and their influence. However, he also developed interest for depicting random people. Usually, those are the ones whom he finds interesting and mysterious enough to tickle his artistic mind and stimulate him to transfer his impressions to canvas. Often he enriches the atmosphere by including additional objects, giving us more to explore – animals, background figures, silhouettes and much more.

In addition, his real face remains in a strange way elusive, even among the existence of various self-portraits. By using heavy, mostly dark, often broken colors, he tends to stress out hidden sides of his character, selfishly not revealing himself to the very end. Furthermore, Gatarić creates calm and steady atmosphere around his characters. Simultaneously, it seems to be thought-provoking. In conclusion, it allows us to dive into colors and rough texture, and explore his characters.

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