Nude Art

Gatarić does not place himself in the group of artists who feel that the nude art is something that should be hidden away in art and the artist’s classroom. At first, this may look like a mere annoyance. Moreover, such artists frequently try to ban others from viewing or learning from the human form through artistic expressions. Consequently, they thereby contravene rights to create and consume art as people wish – guided by freedom. That is not the case with Gatarić.

On one hand, Gatarić glorifies and celebrates female human body. On the other, he portrays it as a pure source of evil. The cure and the disease. His art embodies simultaneously both the divinity of procreation and the lustful sins of a female human persona. The thought-provoking atmosphere on the paintings is not something which we should see as unusual or weird. Sometimes he uses heavy colors and dark tone to dramatize and highlight the depressing atmosphere around a woman trapped into her own sins. The painter depicts a woman laying on a rock being guilty, lifeless and tearful. Often showing no face, Gatarić introduces mysterious moments of a woman figure. He seeks to distract the viewer from revealing the full identity of the female character. At the end, the painter is leaving us with the story not being actually completely told.

Again, his paintings reflect his intimate, very personal experiences. Moreover, the characters are real, the story and the emotion behind it as well. This nude art may have sex appeal, yet the paintings are never completely lascivious in intent. Nevertheless, it is more likely we find that appeal in Gatarić’s abstract art, deeply hidden beneath layers of meaning. On the contrary, his nude art is a way of exposing the female body with a slight erotic narrative and not so much of lustful tendencies.

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