A significant part of this artwork section are paintings with historical and religious motives. The Biblical scenes, saints and well-known characters and moments from the Serbian history mark this part of Gatarić’s artistic opus. Spiritual atmosphere, religious mystique and sometimes confusing abstraction are in a way the some of the main features of these artworks.

In most of his paintings with historical motives, Gatarić depicts the ancient and infinite fight between the good and the evil, the light and the darkness. Mostly, these moments are hidden within the colors on canvas, and followed by the main story, its dominant motives and the protagonist.

Moreover, Gatarić tends to combine the religious narrative with abstraction. The focal point in the artwork is usually followed by varied dramatic abstract moments. With shadowy subjects and delicate brush movements, the painter creates a unique never-ending tales of a man, Good and the spiritual relation that exists in between.

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