Abstract Art

Each painting is a story. Nevertheless, sometimes it gets difficult to reach the plot and the characters. It is inevitable to read them, or least try to do so. Gatarić sometimes uses heavy colors to dramatize the atmosphere, giving the viewer just a teaser. The rest is up to us – the way how the painting will be interpreted. The first glance is superficial. Afterwards, when the temptation overcomes, it forces the viewer to dive deeper into the abstraction in front of us.

The painter possesses never-ending passion for creation, and he had developed in time complicated interwoven sentimental relations with the world he is surrounded. This is something that enriches his paintings and represents his inspirational core. Above all, his abstract art is here to stimulate the viewer to search for the deep layers of meaning. These layers are hidden within the curves and the colors.

Gatarić enjoys experimenting and exploring. He is not interested for the ordinary and usual artistic tendencies, which are often treated as calm, orderly and in a way dull. Consequently, his abstraction tends to tease the viewer. It is forcing us to analyse both the canvas, and Goran`s bold intention to store his personality on it.  With this unique abstract art, he leaves a monumental stamp: from showing mysterious woman silhouettes, across mythological fights between the good and the evil, all the way to his inner emotional confusions.

He creates this unusual art segment as a vivid way of expressing his resistance towards the outer world`s misunderstanding. “The world does not understand me. That is why I am rebelling using this approach”. Gatarić does not fall for the mainstream artistic flows. He engages himself into creating on a higher level. He projects himself far away than a human eye can easily look into and read a painting. Finally, with abstractions, he codes. Therefore, decoding requires understanding of not just the colors, the texture and the tone, but the overall art atmosphere,