Oil Paintings

Each of Goran`s oil paintings represents a story of its own. By using the brush, the painter depicts his inner emotions and the way he sees the world. The love, the hate and everything in between.

Each figure, the visible and the hidden one, signifies a keynote to the overall understanding of Gatarić`s oil paintings. Gatarić shows these figures through a subtle variation of vivid colors. Consequently, his unusual artwork depicts a sincere yen and a rough fight for life and its purpose. Goran Gatarić collides abstraction with reality, mythology with history. In this way, he projects his own experience, and by using the abstraction, he positions it to a higher lever of existence. Also, his portraits show individuals with a deep personal story. They speak out through the vivid colorful canvas.
Goran Gatarić himself is a character on the paintings. He is the narrator and the protagonist simultaneously. However, Gatarić remains deeply hidden between the abstractions of the silhouettes. Therefore, his piece of art is a portrayal of the identification. Goran reaches out to the viewer and points out the resemblance. He is involving us in the role, leading us to the epicenter of emotions. The figures which radiate those emotions sometimes are visible, but in most of the cases they are hidden beneath visual miracle. They exist between the excitement caused by the story on canvas, and enjoyment of touching, manipulating and pressing the color with both fingertips and brush.

Whether is it a depiction of a colorful scenery, a mysterious multi-layered abstraction or a religious artwork, these oil paintings resemble life. Hard, cruel life. But, at the same time gentle and unpredictable path of a single human being, real nude experiences in front of the world. Sometimes dark and mysterious, sometimes lighthearted and cheerful, these oil paintings provoke. They insist on teasing us and reading in between the colors, various textures and sneaky moves. Each artwork is a puzzle. Try to solve it.