Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist

Goran Gatarić (alias Gatara), a bohemian, a rebel, an ascetic.

The pure pleasure of creating for Goran is the art itself.
The driving force of his artistic concept is the inner urge for creation. Quite frequently, he was not being completely understood for his conceptual art. Consequently, he gets disappointed and decides to retreat from the public finding his own artistic peace.
Born in 1961, in a small village of Subotinje, municipality of Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lived and worked in Zenica and Sarajevo, and afterwards, he moves to Milan, Italy, spending several years living and working there until the Civil War in Bosnia. After the war, he moves to Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organizing his unique individual art exhibitions. Nowadays, he lives in a small countryside place in Mačva, Serbia. Father of three.

His paintings are reflection of his life. Each painting is a real-life tale, a story of a sincere life moment. The happiness, the sorrow, the love, the life.

Back in time, while developing his peculiar style, he smithed his own remarkable and striking labels of art. He creates a unique stamp of its kind. Goran`s ascetic life remains marked with robust intensity, while his artwork is being enriched with sincere emotions. This makes room for a variety of interpretations and readings of the canvas. His art touches and inbreathes the soul.

His nickname “Gatara” in his mother language refers to a person who predicts the future by using strong senses and premonitions. His art is indeed mystic and has a tendency of looking into the pristine human emotions and projecting the outcomes. This stands a foot above the reality, reaching the limits of craziness. 
His work reflects his life journey, his extrovert mind. Check out Goran’s artwork stories.