Life, Stories & Paintings on Canvas

“I have an inborn need to paint, to create. This is my life. My thoughts, my sufferings, my life. I am an ascetic artist.”

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Oil Paintings

Goran’s unique storytelling paintings are the result of his artistic conceptuality. Using the oil on canvas technique, he creates peculiar and unrepeatable works. Each piece is a tale developing its own plot. He is depicting and describing the story and its characters using the variety of shades and colors, and divers moves of a brush.

„Art is when you collect plenty of energy and eject it away in a moment. That energy is manifested through my artwork.“

Exhibitions & Awards

  • 1988, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Group Exhibition, Tomislav Perazić Collection.
  • 1994, Ilidža, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gathering of Painters of Republika Srpska, First Prize Winner.
  • 1994, Novi Sad, Serbia. Individual Exhibition, The Presentation of Istočno Sarajevo.
  • 1996, Ljubovija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Individual Exhibition.
  • 1997, Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Art Colony of Pale.
  • 1999, Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Group Exhibition.
  • 2000, Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Group Exhibition. Collection of Goran Gatarić, Branko Nikitović & Obren Krstić.


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